Timeline of my design thinking

In first year, we were tasked to take some photos and make a 2 page spread with some dummy text to show off the images we took. I created this image.


It was my first time mucking around with Photoshop and other programs and was teaching myself along the way. I wasn’t too impressed with the outcome, but I submitted it anyway due to some people telling me it looked fine.=

Recently going over my designs, I wanted to redo this using the same images. I came up with a different layout. Still keeping myself with the constraints I knew in that first year, I came up with this image.


I think overall I picked a better image in my range and instead of photoshopping the two together, It came to be cleaner and more effective. The use of colour and a consistent theme was easier to work with and better on the eye. I have to admit, haven’t seen this guy in ages and was a blast from the past with memories of that class.


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