Ideas in Advertising with Chelsea

Remember that this was a project, it has nothing to do with the NSW Government, but if they want to use it, please feel free to contact Chelsea or myself.


Working together with Chelsea was a great experience. We have different outlooks on elements such as what we consider offensive, what we would say, how we would say it or even our humour, but in the end we got through a compromise and created a campaign.

This was a brief given to us by our tutor and we worked towards creating a campaign for using a condom to prevent STI’s.


Who are you talking to?

Young singles aged between 18 and 30 who have an active sex life with multiple partners, with a skew to heterosexual females.

What do you want to say to them?

Rates of all sexually transmitted diseases (including AIDS) are on the rise again because people have become complacent about safe sex. If you intend to have sex with someone always use a condom.

What media will you use?

This is an ongoing campaign and will launch on TV, radio, online and out of home media. The central idea must be flexible enough to carry across all media.

Why do we want to say this now?

STD rates among young people are on the increase. This includes herpes, Chlamydia, gonorrhoea, other venereal diseases and, of course, AIDS. Young heterosexuals, in particular, have become blasé about the need to practice safe sex. To combat the rise of such diseases, the NSW Health Department wants to run a public health campaign reminding young people of the importance of condom use and safe sex. Research indicates that young women are more susceptible to health concerns and disease prevention, and are more likely to insist on condom use, hence the emphasis on targeting
young females.

How will we know if the campaign has been successful?

STD infection rates in young people will fall.


Our Hero Idea/ Concept

“When it comes to protection, size doesn’t always matter”

This is the central idea behind our campaign that encourages 18-30 year old females to always use a condom when having sex. When it comes to condoms, the sexual innuendos are endless, most however relate to the size of the male body part rather than the actual condom itself. So, with that in mind, we decided to comment on how the condom is small in size but effective when it comes to protection against STI’s.

In the static media, simple use of comparative visuals is used to show a humorous take on how small condom protection is compared to that of a HAZMAT suit used for protection against other major diseases. This theme of comparing the effectiveness of the condom against other forms of protection of
all different kinds throughout history flows through each media platform. Our ads aim to connect with the younger female audience through the use of humour. They also aim to remind the target audience how simple it is to be safe, the effectiveness of condoms, and to protect themselves during sex.


For the full version, please click the link below.







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