“Design – What is it good for?” Entered work


As an emerging creative practitioner it is important to reflect on and consider what design means to you and what kind of designer you hope to become as you enter the ‘real world’ of design.

This brief encourages you to explore issues of social responsibility, ethics and personal accountability and to critically evaluate your personal position on the industry through your experiences as a student.

In short, the question for you is What is Design good for? Project participants will create an informed response in the form of a written manifesto and poster design. This project rests on the premise and belief that designers have agency and it is possible to stand up as a designer and a citizen for something that you believe in.

Your response may cover some serious issues, but we also encourage light hearted and witty visual approaches. Although the final outcome is a digital submission, do not feel restricted by this format. We welcome hand made, illustrative and photographic outcomes, the more experimental, the better!


This was a competition held in 2016. I entered with this image. Didn’t get past much, but it was fun. Cant wait for next year to try again 🙂


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